Why Living Off-Campus Might Be Right For You

Exploring student living options and the reasons that living off-campus may be beneficial for you.

University life can be a whirlwind of emotions, new experiences, and academic challenges. As students flood to Newcastle and other student cities for their first year of university living, a crucial consideration that demands their early attention often dominates the close of first semester: second-year accommodation. Before you know it, first year rolls into second year, which is why the smartest students plan to secure their living arrangements well in advance of the next academic year. As the buzz of freshers wears off, housing arrangements could, and probably should take centre stage. When students arrive here, they’re often faced with the first dilemma: where to live? On-campus or off-campus?

On campus living vs off campus living. Which is better for you?

While initially, on-campus living may seem alluring thanks to the convenience and first year experience, we think that off-campus living actually has more to offer. In this blog we will outline why we believe that off-campus living can provide you with the keys to unlocking your very best university experience.

How Will Living Off-Campus Affect Your Freedom & Independence?

The most attractive reasons to move into an off-campus place of accommodation is the freedom that it can provide. Imagine this: no scheduled weekly fire alarms, no awkward elevators, a place that you can make your own. In second year, your home can become an extension of your personality, rather than being restrained by the sterile setting of university halls. Furthermore, the ability to now choose exactly who you live with can only further enhance your experience, with like-minded individuals coming together to create a positive atmosphere that you can call home.

How Does The Cost Of Student Accommodation And Private Accommodation Compare?

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of living off campus are the generally lower rent prices, and ability to lower the cost of living. While on-campus options may come with a fixed price tag, venturing off-campus opens the door to several cost reducing options such as shared housing with multiple bedrooms, and ability to control your own utility expenses. Exploring off-campus options allows you to navigate a spectrum of price ranges and find the place that suits your needs most closely. This financial flexibility is particularly invaluable during the current cost-of-living crisis, meaning that students can have more freedom to allocate their scarce resources to the areas that its most necessary.

Want A Community & Taste of Adulthood?

Unlike the structural environment of on-campus living, off-campus living encourage the development of community forged by shared experience and collaborative living. In Newcastle particularly, student popular areas such as Jesmond, Heaton and Sandyford are also home to families, and professionals alike, creating living environments that escape the student-centric bubble and offering an authentic taste of the real world of adulthood.

How Can Pat Robson & Co. Can Assist Your Transition to Off-Campus Living?

Here at Pat Robson & Co., our reputation speaks for itself. We value our student tenants so highly we have a dedicated student department who understand your needs and are fully focused on meeting your requirements. We have student properties all over Newcastle but most of our 300+ student properties are in Jesmond, City Centre, Sandyford and Heaton. Since opening in 1998, we have housed over 25,000 students and currently deal with 1500+. If you are interested in exploring a move to one of these areas for second year and beyond, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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