Benefits of Switching to Pat Robson & Co. for All Your Property Management Needs

There has never been a better time to make the switch to our property management service!

Experienced landlords will know that property management is no easy task – and that your job is not complete when a tenant is in place. Far from it, in fact.

While securing the right tenant for your property can feel like a challenge, it is the ongoing management of a property which can take up most of your time – ensuring that everything from appliances and facilities to documentation and contracts are all up to date and in good working order.

Property management support is something that has long been recommended to landlords, whether they are renting out their first property or their fifth property. It combines hands-on maintenance support with rent collection, keeping on top of legislation and regulation, and offering tenants a number to call at all hours should they need help with anything. Whats more, property management support is there for landlords long before a tenant is even in place, helping with the marketing of a property, assessing the rent amount, and even selecting the right tenant.

With so many benefits associated with using a professional property management service, its fair to say that this level of support is a no brainer for both new and veteran landlords. But whats different about Pat Robson & Co., and why is now a great time to consider our property management service package?

What does our property management service include?

Our property management service start as soon as you have a property to rent out. Working with landlords to identify the key features to focus their marketing on, helping them to assess the most viable rental amount, and reaching out to prospective tenants, our management support starts with finding the right tenant.

We then work with landlords and tenants to finalise agreements, before taking on the role of ongoing property management – managing maintenance, communication, and staying on top of changing legislation and regulations.

In short, we work behind the scenes to support landlords and to ensure that tenants always have a point of call to reach out to with concerns or issues. By removing this responsibility from the shoulders of our landlords, we deliver an excellent and cohesive experience to tenants and allow landlords the freedom to focus on other areas of their business without worrying about the day to day management of each property in their portfolio.

Why Pat Robson & Co.?

Pat Robson sign

Now that you understand a little more about the service package and what it includes, its time to tackle the big question. Why should you trust Pat Robson & Co. with your property portfolio and business?

Established in 1998, the first thing you need to know about us is that weve spent the last 25+ years immersed in Newcastle upon Tynes property market. Working across residential sales and lettings, we pride ourselves on connecting buyers with sellers, and on managing the expectations of both landlords and tenants to build trust and to establish long lasting relationships between all parties.

As a very customer-centric organisation, we put excellent service at the centre of everything we do. By always staying ahead of the market, on top of regulatory changes, and at the forefront of upcoming trends, we ensure that our customers and clients are well prepared to make decisions to benefit their future, bridging current trends with long term investments.

For landlords considering property management service support, Pat Robson & Co. provides insight from all corners of the market as well as the perspective of other landlords and tenants alike.

Partnering with us means that we will provide you with the service support you need to maximise your property investment. We do this by advising you on the changes to make to maximise rental income, helping you to identify the most suitable tenants, and providing those tenants with a high level of customer service. When you attract the right tenants and provide them with a high level of service and a great experience, you boost your retention and minimise turnover – both factors which save you money in the long run and make for a more streamlined business.

With all that in mind, its time to consider the direct benefits of switching to Pat Robson & Co. today.

The benefits of switching to Pat Robson & Co.

If youre a landlord reading this, then the chances are that you fall into one of two categories. Either you are a self-managed landlord in charge of your own listings and properties, or you currently work with another property management company.

Wherever you are coming from, making the switch to Pat Robson & Co. means making your life easier while still emphasising and prioritising the importance of your tenantsexperience.

As a landlord, it can be very easy to get wrapped up in the details of daily management and maintenance, making it difficult to take a step back and consider the bigger picture of your property business. This is when rent reviews start to be missed, marketing on new investments is overlooked, and admin starts to fall behind.

One significant benefit of switching to Pat Robson & Co. is that we provide an equal level of support both when marketing new investment properties and managing existing ones. We arent a one-trick pony, specialising in maintenance or marketing – rather, we manage all aspects of a modern property business, so that our landlords can access a high level of support from initial marketing through to the annual renewal of a tenant agreement and beyond.

Another benefit of partnering with Pat Robson & Co. is our unrivalled access to both landlords and tenants across the local market. Having worked with upwards of 60,000 tenants over the years, and with 7,000 landlords forming our extensive community, we can offer new landlords the benefit of experience and expertise – while also acknowledging that every landlord requires unique and tailored support.

It is also important that we touch on the logistical benefits. For example, all fees associated with our property management services are fully outlined on our website, with no hidden costs or unexpected fees appearing at any stage in the partnership. In addition to fees, the level of connection between Pat Robson & Co. and our landlords means that we become an extension of your property business – and are always available to chat should you have questions or concerns.

And then we have the simple fact that working with a professional property management team like that at Pat Robson & Co. saves you, the landlord, an incredible amount of time and effort. When you can hand over everything from admin and marketing to maintenance and communication to a team of experienced professionals who you can trust, you are free to explore new investments and expand your portfolio. All of this, safe in the knowledge that you are being effectively represented by a team who deliver friendly, hands-on support to each and every tenant.

Safe to say, there are a lot of reasons to opt for professional property management support – and even more reasons to choose Pat Robson & Co. – but you dont have to take our word for it. In fact, were making it easier than ever for landlords to access our services, with six months of free property management for all new clients.

Try it for yourself, for free!

Agent Switch service

Here at Pat Robson & Co., we recognise that property management is a service that many landlords need – but that taking the step to try it can mean reassessing your budgets and overheads. Which is why were currently offering six months of property management services for new clients at absolutely no cost.

A new initiative which we are using to demonstrate the value of property management for those who have never tried it, this six months of free management support is designed to allow landlords to experience what its like to hand over the reigns to a team of professionals. It is available to all those who do not currently work with Pat Robson & Co. and can be combined with our AgentSwitch service which makes the whole process effortless.

Making the switch to Pat Robson & Co.

Whether you make the move to Pat Robson & Co. using our AgentSwitch service or come to us as a new landlord keen to expand your market presence and maximise your investment properties, there is no better time to get started than right now.

With the rental market on an upwards trajectory, and with tenant demand increasing every year, there is a real opportunity for dedicated landlords to carve out a place in the market and create a successful business. And with our dedicated property management professionals beside you, it couldnt be easier to build your business and offer excellent tenant experiences across multiple properties.


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Benefits of Switching to Pat Robson & Co. for all your Property Management Needs