The No.1 choice for a lot of students, Jesmond offers it all – bars, pubs, restaurants, deli’s, boutiques and (most importantly) access to both Universities by foot or Metro.

What makes Jesmond so special? With a long tradition of students living in the area there is a harmonious mix of young professionals, long-term residents and students that give the suburb its vibrancy. It is this mix that has brought global names such as Starbucks, Tesco’s and Pizza Express to the streets of Jesmond. Never fear though, it’s not all big brands, there are an abundance of local cafes and restaurants which combined with the traditional properties along tree lined streets create the atmosphere that means residents find it so hard to leave.

Jesmond’s speciality must be good quality (and reasonably priced) Italian food, whilst there are too many to mention our favourites include Francesca’s, Sale Pepe, Scalini’s and Cals Own. If Italian is not your thing then don’t worry there is more, much more… from the Komal (Indian), to the up market Cherry Tree (British) and for the really special occasion Jesmond Dene House (British).

So what is Jesmond really famous for? Osborne Road of course! With a plethora of bars to choose from such as Osborne’s, 97 & Social, Spy and Blanc, you will never struggle for a good night out. If packed bars are not your style then there are plenty of traditional hidden gems such as the Lonsdale, Collingwood and The Carriage.

So what can you expect to pay for Jesmond living? This all depends on the type of property you are looking for and the number of people you want to live with. Rents have been known to reach £110 pppw for the more luxurious properties, but in general you should expect to pay a minimum of £80 pppw for good quality student property – remember properties are cheap for a reason, even if it is not immediately obvious why! As a general rule the more people you live with the cheaper it is, but keep in mind that houses (which are in limited supply) attract a premium over flats and maisonettes. Tenancies are almost exclusively 12 months and properties become available from November onwards for the following academic year.

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Possibly the most underrated student area of Newcastle, Sandyford has a lot going for it! Only one mile from the City Centre, overflowing with shops, a short walk from Osborne Road and the rent is reasonable! What more can you ask for?

Sandyford is a small community of students, established homeowners and young professionals. Sandyford is the closest of the Eastern Suburbs of Newcastle to the City Centre, making it only approximately 10 minutes walk from the Northumbria University or you can catch the bus from Sandyford Road. Within Sandyford itself there are a number of highlights from the Bluebell Pub to the friendly Italian Café Zonzo, and whilst there may not be a Tesco to visit in your dressing gown there are a number of local stores that cater for most needs including an award winning Fish & Chip shop!

So how reasonable is the rent? Well most properties in the area are Tyneside flats or maisonettes, which keeps prices down, and as with other areas the more people you live with the cheaper it becomes. In order to secure a property of a high standard you should expect to spend upwards of £70 pppw.

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Love it or hate it Heaton has a lot of things going for it! With rents around 60% of Jesmond levels Heaton is the first choice for a number of students and young professionals as it provides good quality accommodation at affordable prices. So what is wrong with it I hear you ask? Very little as far as we are concerned, it takes 20 minutes to walk (even quicker on the bus/Metro) from Warwick Street to Northumbria University as opposed to 15 minutes from Osborne Road, the styles of properties are the same and there is even a Tesco!

Like other Newcastle suburbs Heaton has many restaurants and cafes, but with a slight difference – an independent feel. Whether it is the Butterfly Cabinet cafe on Heaton Road, Heaton Perk on Heaton Park Road or the Naked Deli on Chillingham Road you won’t find replicas of these havens of individualism anywhere else. Beyond this there are a number of good value restaurants such as the Sky Apple Café (Vegetarian) as well as a whole host of local amenities including Boots and Sainsburys. When you add in the close proximity to Heaton Park and Armstrong Park, I am sure you will agree Heaton has a lot of positives…

So what can you expect to pay? The quality of properties in Heaton does vary and if it basic living you are after you can pay as little as £55 pppw, but for well presented properties in traditional housing you should expect to pay upwards of £65 pppw. The closer you get to town the more expensive the property gets, but if value for money is what you are after then Heaton is the area for you!

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City Centre

As both of our Universities are situated within the City Centre is makes sense to be as close as possible.

However Newcastle City Centre is a unique situation. Due to the geographical circumstances of the City and the Universities, it is still possible to live in a nice residential area such as Jesmond, Heaton or Sandyford and be within close walking distance of both the City Centre and the Universities. This is the choice of most students that study at Newcastle or Northumbria!

If however you must live within the City Centre then you can expect to pay for the privilege. Property witihin the City Centre is scarce, especially towards the North of the City where both Universities are situated. Large multiple bedroom properties catering for 4-5+ people all but don’t exist within the City Centre and the most common property available is 1 to 3 bedroom stuff. Depending on the standard of the property you can expect to pay towards £150 pppw and beyond for City Centre accommodation. More Property is available down towards the river but geographically these properties tend to be situated as far from and if not further from the Universities than student accommodation found in areas outside the City Centre such as Jesmond.

So what can you expect to pay? Should you be willing to pay the higher prices and do manage to secure a suitable property from the limited choice then there are obvious benefits of living within our City Centre. You will almost certainly be able to literally fall out of one of Newcastle’s packed bars or nighclubs back to your accommodation. And if it’s shopping you want all top designer and High Street names can be found within minutes walking distance from one another. Also the quay side area provides entertainment through Music and the Arts with The Baltic and The Sage buildings taking centre stage along the riverside.

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