What our landlords think

As a landlord they have provided me with a first class service with excellent tenants. My property was rented within the first few days of being advertised. I will definitely keep using this company.”

“A thoroughly professional managed service which takes the stress out of it all for me. Getting a fully managed service is well worth the monthly costs to not have to deal with all of the hassles of renting out my properties”

“With only 1 property that used to be my home I was cautious at first to find the right tenant. Tim reassured me that we would be careful with who they put into my flat. A company that Pat Robson deals with ended up moving in and I’ve had no trouble in just under 2 years now….”

“Having been with Pat and Tim from the start I’ve seen the company grow into what it has become today”

“Living abroad means that property management is the only option for me but Pat Robson & Co is my third agent since I invested in property a few years back and they are the best of those by a long way”

“Pat Robson & Co manage all of my properties and although things do crop up now and again all in all I can say that I’m happy with what I get from them and I have built up a good working relationship with all of the staff in the Jesmond office”

“We only use Pat Robson to find tenants for us as my husband likes to look after the properties during the tenancies but we don’t use any other agents and they’ve never failed to find us tenants yet!”

“Thanks for all of your efforts year on year filling my student houses”

“I have a close working relationship with Pat Robson & Co as although they manage my large portfolio I like to be on top of things and know what is happening on a day to day basis. I even do some of my own maintenance on the properties which allows me the level of involvement I want.”

“Thank you Pat for all of your efforts over the years you have looked after me since I joined you in 2001”

“A very professional managed service”

“Convincing me to refurbish my student property last summer was I’m sure a struggle for Phil, but with the rent I’m now achieving and getting my flat let before Christmas I have piece of mind and I’m also clawing back my extra expenditure at a fair rate of knots”

“I’m now in my 10th year with Pat and Tim and I continue to be happy with the work that they do for me”

“I put my two flats on with a few agents each year and although Pat Robson doesn’t let them all of the time they probably get them let first more than any other agent I use. I also usually get my money and paperwork reasonably quickly as well.”

“Currently looking to expand my small portfolio by one or two properties working closely with Tim is helping me eliminate properties from my choice that would potentially weaken my portfolio”

“Two years ago I handed my flat over to Pat Robson to manage and I have never had any problems and everyone there has been great to deal with”