A Step by Step Guide to Renting a Property...

Step 1: Choose an area

Choosing an area is the first step in any property search. Whether you need to be in walking distance of the City Centre or need quick access to motorway links it is worth identifying suitable areas early.

Step 2: Work out your requirements

There are three main pieces of information that we require:

  1. How much are you willing to pay in rent per month? It is important to remember that council tax, utility bills, TV and internet are generally not included in your rent.
  2. How many bedrooms do you require? More bedrooms usually means more rent so working out the minimum number of bedrooms that you need will help you get more value for your money.
  3. Moving in date? It is important to decide on the earliest and the latest date that you can move in to a property. This will make sure you only view properties that are suitable.

Step 3: Arrange viewings

Now you have an idea where you want to live and how much you are willing to spend…

Use our property search to see what is out there! We offer evening viewings until 6.30pm on weekdays and weekend viewings between 9am and 4pm on Saturdays.

When arranging viewings try to ensure that everyone who needs to see the property is present as properties can go quickly!

Step 4: Secure the property

So you have found the perfect property, what happens next?

We will put your offer forward to the landlord. Offers usually consist of the following details:

  1. Monthly rental amount
  2. Length of contract (usually a minimum of six months)
  3. Tenancy start date
  4. Any special requests

Once the landlord has agreed your offer we require a holding deposit of one weeks rent to secure.

We now start the referencing process…

Step 5: Referencing process

Depending on your employment status we may require a guarantor, but usually we require:

  1. Proof of identity (passport)
  2. A contact at your place of work to verify your employment status
  3. A successful credit reference

Occasionally we may ask for a landlord’s reference. Once we have received your references you are ready to sign the contract, settle the outstanding balance and move in!

Step 6: Prepare for moving in

Before you are ready to move in we require:

  1. Successful references (or guarantor agreement)
  2. A signed tenancy agreement
  3. Payment which consists of the first month’s rent (less pre-paid holding deposit) and the damage deposit.

Once everything is done you just need to let us know when you are going to move in and make an appointment for your property Check In and pick up your keys!

Step 7: Key information to keep

When you move in we will provide you with a number of documents including a copy of the tenancy agreement, safety documents where appropriate and deposit information. It is advisable that you keep these documents in a safe place as you may need to refer to them in the future.

Shortly after you move in you should receive confirmation of your deposit ID number via email. If it does not arrive contact whoever manages your property (landlord or letting agent) as they will be able to confirm where they registered the deposit. For more information on deposits visit Deposit Information.

Step 8: Tenancy issues

If you have any issues during your tenancy your first point of contact should be your Property Manager if you live in a property managed by Pat Robson & Co Limited, or your Landlord if you do not. If you are having difficulty contacting your landlord or if you need some advice do not hesitate to contact us at any point.

Step 9: Moving out

Any individual person who enters in to a tenancy agreement will have to give at least one month’s notice before they move out. This is usually given before your scheduled final rent payment date. If no notice is given by either you the tenant or by the landlord prior to the end of your fixed term your tenancy will automatically continue onto a month to month periodic tenancy.

So once you have given notice you need to prepare the property for checking out. It is important to compare the condition of the property as stated in the initial inventory with the current condition of the property.

In our managed properties we offer accompanied check-outs so we can discuss the condition of the property with you in person. All we ask is that you make an appointment a week or so in advance so we can fit you in!

Following the check out you should receive your deposit, less any agreed deductions, as soon as possible. For more information regarding deposits visit Deposit Information.