Why our All-Inclusive Bills Packages are a Game Changer for Students in Newcastle

Discover why our All-Inclusive Bills Packages are revolutionising student living in Newcastle

Being a student can be challenging. University course fees, along with the living costs for things like accommodation, travel expenses, and utility bills, all add up, making budgeting a tricky task. On top of that, there’s the essential expense of books and other learning resources, which only adds to the financial juggling act.

Well, here at Pat Robson & Co., we believe that university is hard enough without unforeseen and unknown fees and bills. We recognise that university is a time to thrive and become independent – but we dont think that this should hinder your ability to realistically create monthly budgets and spread your budget fairly.

Which is where our all-inclusive bills package comes in. A new approach to student living which we launched in September 2023 for the current academic year, this bills package simplifies the cost of living for students and is already being heralded by many of our student tenants across Newcastle.

Heres how it works, why we think it matters, and how you can keep on top of your own budget at university.

Introducing the Pat Robson & Co. all-inclusive bills package

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Curated in partnership with FUSED, the all-inclusive bills package offers a simple solution to dealing with your bills. Rather than requiring tenants to sort out their own water, electricity, gas, and TV bills, via this service we make it easy for student tenants to tell us what they want to use at home – so that an all-in-one package can be created for them.

The package that we have built for students in Newcastle encompasses unlimited energy and water each month, as well as super-fast broadband for multi-device streaming, and a variety of different TV allowances. Users can then pay for their portion of the bill on a pre-arranged date each month, making each tenant responsible for their own payment direct to Pat Robson & Co. rather than having to make several payments to various service providers.

The value of an all-in package which combines your living costs

Its not hard to see why the all-inclusive bills package makes bill paying easier for student tenants. But what other benefits does it offer, especially to groups of housemates with their own individual accounts and commitments?

In short, the combination of a tailored bills package and unlimited water and energy means that it no longer matters if one housemate plays computer games all night, or showers for hours. In a bid to remove in-house arguments and give everyone equal responsibility for bill paying, the package offers complete transparency around what youre paying for – and includes benefits beyond the mere ease of paying.

Unlimited energy and water are major assets to this arrangement, especially in student housing. Whats more, the availability of TV packages means you wont ever miss your favourite shows again, while the monthly bill package means that its easy to anticipate the amount that will leave your account every month.

In comparison with the ever-changing costs of specific bills from different service providers, this is by far the most notable benefit in terms of student budgeting – by giving you a set monthly fee that covers everything.

No more bill due” letters and but Im away this weekend” discussions in your university house. This arrangement turns multiple bills and arguments into a single monthly fee, paid by every housemate.

A guide to student living and the bills you should expect to pay

Calculating student utility bills

With all that said, what bills should you expect to pay as students, and does the all-inclusive bills package really cover everything you might need throughout the course of the university year?

Student bills typically include the standard broadband, water, energy, and TV bills. While most landlords will request that students and other tenants sort their own TV packages on top of other bills, the all-inclusive arrangement means that all of these different outlets are covered under a single fee. Packages can be tailored according to usage, with Pat Robson & Co. inviting students to get in touch and discuss details including the number of tenants, the location of the property, and the individual elements they want to cover.

Just some of the aspects worth noting include the availability of unlimited energy under the Pat Robson & Co. and FUSED partnership, alleviating the risk of overpaying for excess energy used over the course of a month, as well as unlimited water. Again, this makes it possible for everyone in the house to have nice long showers, without the risk of paying extra for overconsumption.

Other benefits of an all-inclusive bills package for students

Of course, its not just your wallet that will thank you for signing up – this is a concept which is also helping students to retain harmonious relationships with housemates, by removing the need to unpick and spread bills out between a group.

A common discussion amongst students is how bills should be split between housemates, particularly when one card has to be connected with each individual account.

The benefit of an all-inclusive package is that it tells you how much all the facilities you need will cost, and creates a segmented bill for each tenant, which is arranged with them directly. Every month, the services are split automatically and charged to each tenant, removing the reliance on one sole bill payer and making everyone responsible for their own share of the living costs.

Tips for finding the right accommodation at university

Finding student accommodation in Newcastle

The creation and launch of this initiative is designed to help students to budget when it comes to the cost of living, making it easier for all our student tenants to work out how much they need to save each month to cover their household bills, and arrange a direct debit to settle their payments.

But before you get to the logistics of payment and bills, you need to find the right accommodation – with Pat Robson & Co. offering the following advice to make finding your perfect home easy as a student.

Firstly, consider location. Ideally you want to find accommodation which is close to the university where you study, and close to local amenities that are important to you.

Next on the list is budgeting. While our all-inclusive bills package is designed to help with the cost of living and household bills, this arrangement does not include rent – which will be determined by the location and size of the accommodation as well as the number of housemates you have and how much space you have reserved for your own private use. Work out a realistic budget and search accordingly and within that budget, to ensure that you dont overestimate how much you have to spend.

Then you need to consider the number of housemates you are willing to live with, and whether you know people who you can share a house or flat with or need to be matched with those seeking a similar arrangement to you.

Finally, going through a reputable and reliable agent is crucial when it comes to finding the perfect student accommodation that suits all your needs.

Here at Pat Robson & Co., not only do we offer access to the best student houses and flats in Newcastle but we make it easy to budget and manage your new found independence with useful payment arrangements like the aforementioned all-inclusive bills package.

For more information on this and our other services, get in touch today.


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