Why is Now a Good Time to Launch Your Property to the Sales Market?

Discover why the New Year period can be an ideal time to put your property up for sale.

Knowing when to list your property for sale is one of the biggest decisions that you will make as a seller.

The difficulty that many people face is that there is an argument both for and against virtually every selling strategy – with many finding themselves pulled under by uncertainty, pushing their listing back until the market flips and their property as coveted.

In this article, were considering the benefits of listing a property during this time of year – and how putting your property on the market during the New Year period can be a great way to achieve an early 2024 sale.

Why is this time of year a good time to list a property for sale?

House for sale in January

Reports suggest that the festive period sees some of the biggest days with regards to Rightmove traffic – with people seemingly winding down after Christmas and New Year celebrations by browsing available properties in search of their next dream home. Whether motivated by a genuine desire to move or a dream-like picture of next years Christmas in a bigger family home, this means that if your property is fresh on the market around the festive period, it is more than likely to be viewed by plenty of prospective buyers and interested browsers.

But why is New Year’s Day such a big day for browsing properties?

Well, for one thing its a bank holiday – which means that all those who would usually be scanning emails and completing work tasks are at a loose end with little else to look at. Hunting for that so-called dream house” is a hobby and guilty pleasure of countless homeowners and those looking to get on the property ladder, with the pull of a new year and new beginnings only further igniting this desire further.

Whats more, the pending New Year with its resolutions and fresh starts often acts as a motivator for those who want to embrace a change for themselves and their families. Whether its finally upscaling to make room for a growing family or changing their situation from that of tenant to a more permanent family home, the festive period in general tends to be an opportunity to captivate motivated and genuinely interested parties who are looking to embrace change.

With that in mind, how can you maximise interest in a property that you list now?

3 tips to maximise interest in your property listing

1. Remember the importance of photography

Take photographs with and without festive décor. If youre reading this and havent already snapped professional photographs of your home without its festive décor, then consider this a sign to do so – because believe us when we say it can make or break your sale. While taking festive-adorned photographs might appeal right now, the reality is that immediately after Christmas people want to be thinking ahead – beyond the tinsel and fairy lights, and into a home that they can make their own. Presenting your property as a blank canvas ready for their personality and décor is crucial, regardless of when you are listing and hoping to sell.

2. Be ready to field enquiries and schedule viewings

Even if you dont want to or arent ready to host viewings right away, both you and your listing agent need to be prepared to field enquiries and book viewings while people are available and willing to talk. Once people are back at work and in the office in January, the number of new enquiries is likely to fall – so taking the time to capture those interested prospective buyers when they reach out is important.

3. Focus on your copy

Professional photographs can make or break a listing – but once youve enticed a prospective buyer to click onto and find out more about your property, your copy needs to continue to impress. The copy which is associated with your listing is what provides the buyer with information about location, layout, notable features, and exactly what they get for their money. This copy needs to be creative and engaging, but also factual and concise.

By relying on the services of trusted property experts like Pat Robson & Co. all of the above and more can be taken care of, ensuring peace of mind during the entire selling process. We provide effective marketing support and advice on how best to position, value, and list your property for maximum traction and interest.

Valuing your property for the current market: our advice

For sale brochure

By now youre probably itching to list your property and embrace the increase in traffic associated with New Year, to complete an early 2024 sale. Just think, if it all goes well, you could be settling into a new family home in time for the longer days of summer…

But first, valuation.

The valuation of your property is a service which enables you to price your property according to the local market, to buyer demand, and to trends. Here at Pat Robson & Co., we offer a free property valuation tool which is designed to dissect what your home is worth and identify specific features which elevate or impact the cost under which we recommend listing the home.

A completely free service that we encourage all clients to access and make the most of, this online tool invites you to input a series of details about the property that you are listing, including its size and location, with our team providing you with a comprehensive breakdown of its projected value. Following this, we can work with you to maximise visibility and sale potential of your property, so that you can be settled in a new home by next Christmas – if not before!

What you can do now to facilitate an early 2024 sale

If 2024 is the year of new beginnings for you, then why not act now? It can be a great time to list a property and capitalise on the demand of prospective buyers. And with the support of a trusted estate agent like Pat Robson & Co. you can ensure that all bases are covered when it comes to selling your property.

From determining the right asking price and creating an eye catching listing to managing enquiries and scheduling viewings – we are on hand to provide the support you need.

For more information and to get started with your property sale, get in touch with us today.

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Why is Now a Good Time to Launch Your Property to the Sales Market?