Why January Can Be a Great Time to Sell a Property

Putting the case forward for January as being a great time to sell a home

Navigating the property market requires patience – both for buyers and sellers. For sellers in particular, it can be challenging while you wait for the right offer from the right potential buyer – but what if we told you that simply altering your market plan can create interest in all the right places, without so much competition?

While spring time has long been considered the best season to put your property up for sale, with the garden looking its best and buyers eager to get out and about and look at new properties ahead of the summer, there’s a lot to be said for getting in early and seeking a sale in January. 

Here’s why…

Supply and demand

There will always be people looking to buy homes – just like there will always be people looking to sell a property. If you enter the market in the spring time, you will be joining the masses who have the same plan, and so the supply and demand will be well matched. If, however, you enter the market in January while other sellers are waiting for spring, the demand will still be high (after Christmas browsing and new year life goals) but supply will be lower – and your property listing will have more of an impact. 

A fresh start

“New year new me” aside, January is the time when people are looking for actions that they can take to embody the fresh start we look for at the start of a new year. And what better way than with fresh surroundings and a brand new place to reside in? 

When you put your property on the market in January, you are feeding into the idea that people are now ready to move – especially with Christmas over, the decorations down, and the reality of normal life setting back in. What that means for you is that all of those buyers are seeking their next project or their forever home and will come knocking on your door while all the other sellers are waiting out the cold weather and looking forward to the spring months. 

Less hassle (serious buyers only)

Earlier on we touched on the idea that buyers are eager to get out and about, touring and looking at different properties as the weather warms and summer knocks. But how sure can you be that all of those viewers are serious buyers? The simple fact is that house hunting and touring different neighbourhoods is a lot more fun in the warmer spring and summer months, and so the chances of getting time wasters in your home is much higher. 

Marketing your property in January is a sure fire way of ensuring that those who do book viewings are serious – after all, with the sofa calling and the weather outside often cold and fairly miserable, why would someone book to view a property if they weren’t serious? 

While not all of these buyers will be interested in your home specifically, you can rest assured that those who do book a viewing are at least serious buyers who are looking to move in the near future. 

Tips to get a quick sale


Now that you’ve got an idea of the benefits of selling your property or home in January, how can you place yourself in the best possible position to gain a quick sale?

  • Make your home welcoming for potential buyers, by lighting the fire (if you have one), turning up the heating, and presenting a cosy and homely environment.
  • Take down your Christmas decorations (after all, it is January) to give potential buyers a sense of everyday life in the property.
  • Don’t let your garden let you down. Cut the grass and make sure it is as aesthetically pleasing as possible – even without flower beds and lots of greenery.
  • Open blinds and curtains to show off how much natural light the property gets.
  • Conduct tours and viewings in the daytime as much as possible. While this can be difficult in January with daylight hours so limited, you will find that potential buyers want to see the exterior of your home and its surrounding area in daylight and will be more likely to show interest if they can book a daytime viewing. 
  • Consider the journey of potential buyers from car to front door. Will they have to walk through any mud or puddles? What can you do to make that journey the best it can be and enhance your property’s kerb appeal?

For more insight and advice on selling your home in January – or any other time of the year – get in touch with our team today!

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