Tips to successfully market your home…

1. Who is your target market?

Is your house perfect for large families? Is it ideal for a professional couple? Or are you targeting first time buyers? Whoever the most likely buyer is, you MUST take this in to account. Identify what you think they will look for and mould the layout of your furniture to show your property in the best light. For example, if you are targeting first time buyers it is unlikely they will have spare money to spend on making improvements, so make sure the property is neutrally decorated and ready for someone to move in!

2. De-personalise and de-clutter your home

Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in the property therefore you need to detach yourself and make it appeal to others! Some of your personal items that are normally on display might need to be stored away. Your property also needs to look as big as possible so remove clutter and items you don’t use every day. If you have large items of furniture that make a room look small see if you can store them elsewhere.

3. Assess your house from outside to in

Now you have de-personalised yourself from your house assess it from outside to in. Next time you drive up to it scrutinise how it looks, does the garden need attention, does the front door need painting or does the brickwork need scrubbing? First impressions matter so the outside and the hallway are key areas to focus on!

4. Freshen up and make minor repairs

By this point you should have a list of areas that need attention. So the next step is to fix those points on the list – paint that bathroom, fix that door handle and stick down that bit of carpet. Buyers want the impression that the house is looked after so don’t give them reason to think otherwise.

5. Preparing for viewings

Dirty corners, smelly bins and yesterday’s dinner are all things that will put buyers off! Whether you do it yourself, or as some seller’s do employ a cleaning company, make sure the house is spotless from the wooden floorboards to the outside windows. This will give the impression that a buyer can walk straight in to your property. One important point is not to stuff everything in the storage cupboards – buyers will look and they will get the impression there is not enough storage space!

6. Carrying out viewings

At Pat Robson & Co. we offer to accompany all viewings during office hours and we do find buyers prefer this for their first viewing as it can make them more relaxed. If you do carry out viewings though have a plan of where you are going to go and always encourage the viewer to walk around by themselves after you have given the tour!

7. Responding to feedback

Feedback from viewings is essential to make the most of every person you get through the door. Responding to feedback is key as it maybe small issues that are putting people off so take it constructively. We will be as honest as possible so remember that it is the viewer’s opinion not ours!

If you want any further advice or would like us to visit your property to have a chat then just request a valuation by contacting any of our offices and we will be happy to help you get moving!