A step by step guide to selling your home...

Step 1: Booking a valuation

We recommend you arrange a number of valuations to get a broad range of opinions. Try to make a list of questions that you would like answered prior to your appointments.

Step 2: Choosing an Agent

It is tempting to choose the agent who values your property the highest, but we think you should consider far more than just the valuation.

Here is what we think are the most important factors when choosing an agent to sell your property:

  1. Do they have the experience to back up their valuation? Our Sales Department is headed up by company co-owner Tim Nixon who has over 20 years experience in the industry so you can rest assured you will get an honest and accurate valuation.
  2. Do you feel the agent will deliver a personal service? It is important that you trust your agent. To find out what our clients say about us visit our testimonials page.
  3. How will your property be promoted? At Pat Robson & Co. as part of our service we arrange to carry out professional photography and floor plans to create the sales particulars for your property. Not only are the sales particulars distributed through our high street offices, but also online through leading websites such as www.rightmove.co.uk and www.zoopla.co.uk
  4. Does the agent offer accompanied and evening viewings? We have extended our weekday viewing hours until 6.30pm in order to accompany as many viewings as possible. This allows us to use our expert knowledge to sell your property. We will always aim to accompany viewings during office hours as we find that this helps to relax a potential buyer.

Step 3: Preparing your property for marketing

We have all turned up to houses where the garden has needed attention and the external paintwork has been neglected. Don’t pass up the chance to make a good first impression!

A few tips:

  1. Tidy the garden
  2. Make sure the paintwork outside is in good condition
  3. Remove clutter to make your property feel bigger
  4. Decorate neutrally
  5. Attend to any obvious maintenance issues
  6. Nice aromas and a clean house create a good impression.

For more in depth advice visit Tips for selling your home.

Step 4: Instructing a Solicitor

A proactive solicitor can save you months in the conveyancing process. It is worth doing some research at this point as you don’t want to make a snap decision once you receive an offer.

Having dealt with a vast number of solicitors we feel we can recommend people you can rely upon. If you would like advice please visit conveyancing advice.

Don’t worry though you are always able to contact us for updates and advice!

Step 5: Marketing your property

In order to market your property we need a number of things:

  1. Signed terms & conditions
  2. Identification from all owners
  3. Proof of ownership (usually through title deeds)
  4. An energy performance certificate (we can arrange this for you to speed up the process)

By the time we receive this information we will be well on the way to preparing the full colour sales particulars for your approval. These include internal photographs (approved by you), floorplans and an energy performance certificate.

We use a wide range of marketing:

  1. Our prominent high street branches
  2. Various websites include www.rightmove.co.uk and www.zoopla.co.uk
  3. Our email and mailing list
  4. Our vast contacts in the property industry

We will always offer to accompany viewings during office hours in order to use our expertise to help sell your property.

Step 6: Agreeing a sale

We will pass on all offers to you both verbally, where possible, and in writing. All efforts are made to gain information about the buyer to ensure they are in a position to move home.

If you do accept an offer it is time to instruct your carefully selected solicitor!

Step 7: Conveyancing process

This can be frustrating and that is why we urge you to carefully select your solicitor.

The buyer’s lender will carry out a valuation survey of the property, although the buyer may request a homebuyers report or building survey as well. This can uncover some issues with the property so it is worth addressing any issues that you are aware of prior to selling the property.

Following a successful survey and mortgage offer to the buyer you will progress to the exchange of contracts where the agreement becomes legally binding. Following this you will set a mutually agreed completion date.

Step 8: Completion Day!

Time to move out just make sure you don’t forget anything!

You will receive a phone call from your solicitor telling you that the monies have been transferred and the property has been officially sold!