A University Student’s Mini Guide to Ouseburn

A mini guide to the popular area just outside of Newcastle centre known as Ouseburn

One of Newcastle’s little known hidden gems, Ouseburn is an area that offers an alternative vibrant atmosphere and should be on the list of places to visit for any student. Having recently undergone a bit of a modern transformation, Ouseburn offers a combination of nice scenery and things to do, which we’ll give you more information on throughout this mini guide! 

Where is Ouseburn? 

Ouseburn is located just a short distance away from the Quayside and is east of the city centre. It’s also easily accessible through the Metro system, with the stops at Byker and Manors being in close proximity to Ouseburn. 

Having grown in recent years, there’s now a range of places to visit within Ouseburn, and many students make the short trip down from the hubs of Jesmond, Heaton, and Sandyford. 

Things to do in Ouseburn

Although relatively small compared to some of the surrounding areas, Ouseburn has an array of things to do, with music and art being two areas that Ouseburn offers in abundance. 

Music venues

The Cluny

Bagnelli, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most famous establishments in Ouseburn is The Cluny, a small independent music venue that has been host to numerous bands and artists from across the globe. The Cluny’s music room holds a capacity of around 300, which makes for some intimate and personal gig experiences. There are musical acts of all genres to suit everybody, so it’s well worth a visit if you are into live music! There’s also a bar with a comfortable seating area, so you can visit for a drink and food even if you don’t fancy watching any live music.

Additionally, there’s a smaller venue next door known as The Cluny 2 which holds a capacity of 180, making for even more personal experiences. 

Art galleries 

The Biscuit Factory showcases artwork from local artists which includes everything from contemporary art to abstract designs. You are even able to purchase some of the art and support the local artists, however, some of the pieces may be worth a pretty penny! In addition to the art gallery, there’s also a rooftop restaurant that overlooks Ouseburn, where you can get a bite to eat and enjoy the views. 

Alternatively, the Holy Biscuit is another art gallery that often runs niche exhibitions. They also run free painting classes and other art related activities which you can get involved with. 

Bars & Restaurants in Ouseburn

For places to grab a drink and a bite to eat, you’re spoilt for choice in Ouseburn. The Ship Inn is a homely pub located in the centre of Ouseburn and offers a mostly vegan menu with a range of locally brewed craft ales. If you’re looking for a quiet pub meal, The Ship Inn may be the perfect spot. 

Just a little bit further up the road is the unique Thali Tray, which is a restaurant that serves up beautiful Thai food and has a vibrant atmosphere to match! There is an outdoor seating area with a fire pit that adds some additional personality to the establishment whilst keeping you toasty as you enjoy your meal. 

Towards the outskirts of Ouseburn is the renowned Tyne Bar, which is located on the waterside and a short walk away from the rest of Quayside. Tyne Bar offers a wide selection of drinks as well as a very reasonably priced food menu and is the perfect spot for an afternoon or evening meal. There’s also an excellent beer garden set up with a stage that regularly hosts local musicians and bands. So, if you enjoy some accompanying live music whilst having a drink or eating a meal, Tyne Bar will likely suit you down to the ground.

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