Everybody’s Talking About Ouseburn

Recently noted as being the 29th 'Coolest Neighbourhood in the World', Ouseburn has a lot to offer

Listed in October 2021 as the 29th ‘Coolest Neighbourhood in the World’ by Time Out magazine, Ouseburn holds a high reputation as a community-driven place to live and work. Located on the outskirts of Newcastle, Ouseburn has transformed from being an industrial centrepiece in the North to being a creative and open place to explore – both in terms of cultural diversity and the blend of green spaces and development.

So, why is Ouseburn such a popular place to visit – and what does the perfect weekend in Ouseburn look like?

A History of Ouseburn (and how it became the 29th coolest neighbourhood in the world)

Old photo of Ouseburn

A central hub of community-led regeneration and growth, Ouseburn has been subject to incredible transformation. Once upon a time, the area was a big part of the industrial revolution before being abandoned and left behind – becoming more of a wasteland than a hub of innovation. As regeneration and funding were given recognition by the partnership with the Ouseburn Trust, the area around the Ouseburn valley was given an injection of culture and creative investment – improving life for locals while preserving the heritage of the area and its ecosystems.

Today, Ouseburn is built on a thriving community, which attracts and entices an eclectic crowd from all walks of life – giving Ouseburn its cool neighbourhood status.

Some of the attractions and sights of note in and around Ouseburn include:

  • Ouseburn Farm, an urban farm which is led by the community and encourages families to get up close and personal with the site’s animals.
  • Seven Stories, the national centre for children’s books – full of exhibitions and displays targeted at readers of all levels, and the rise of literature.
  • The Glasshouse Bridge, a longstanding reminder of the industrial position and importance of Ouseburn.
  • The Ouseburn railway viaduct.
  • Live music venues including local pubs, bars, breweries – Cobalt Studios in particular is mentioned in the Time Out article in which Ouseburn is as the #29 coolest neighbourhood in the world, making it one of the hot spots in the area for locals and tourists alike.

What to do in Ouseburn

Ouseburn is often considered to be the Shoreditch of Newcastle – that is, an up and coming area packed full of cultural and creative energy for both locals and tourists. Its rise in popularity has seen it become an increasingly desirable area to live in for those moving to Newcastle.

The Ouseburn Trust has played a big part in regenerating the area, turning it from an industrial hub into the creative home of the North – and it is the community spirit of this Trust which gives it such prominence for locals in the area.

With Ouseburn so forward thinking in its approach to industry and creativity, it is the locals who have transformed Ouseburn into one of the coolest places to live and work. And that’s not all.

A short 20 minute walk from Newcastle city centre, Ouseburn is a place where the lively Newcastle vibe takes on a more alternative and quirky side. Becoming increasingly more popular with both visitors and developers, it seems like Ouseburn is on the brink of making a return to its industrial roots – and yet it’s holding modern innovation off in favour of its more unique setting.

While the above attractions and sights of note are all worth a visit, some of the best things to do in Ouseburn are everyday activities, such as picking up a coffee or enjoying brunch with friends. The area of the Ouseburn Valley has enabled boutique eateries and bars to thrive, favouring small independent businesses over high street chains.

Some of the most popular and noteworthy local businesses (that residents often like to keep quiet for their own enjoyment) include:

  • The Ship Inn
  • The Cluny, a great place for gigs, food, and drinks
  • The Victoria Tunnel, once a transportation hub, then an air raid shelter, and now a great place to enjoy a local tour
  • Under the Bridge, a great beer garden

How to get to Ouseburn

Ouseburn lies just east of Newcastle’s city centre and as such is located within walking distance of the city. Ouseburn is also well connected via bus routes and the Metro.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the Ouseburn of the past or want to immerse yourself in the Ouseburn Valley’s future innovation and quirky experiences, Ouseburn makes for a fun and insightful day out while in and around the Newcastle area. You never know, it might just be home to your new favourite pub or live music venue. 

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