Moving to Newcastle: A Mini Guide

A useful guide for those thinking of moving to Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Thinking about moving to Newcastle but not sure where to start? This guide should hopefully be able to answer all your questions, or at least be able to give you some valuable information. Moving to a new city can be a daunting change for anyone, so it is best to research as much as possible!

Read on to find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and see what the city of Newcastle is able to offer you.

Should you move to Newcastle?

Short answer – yes! But let’s look at the question in more depth. There’s a lot to consider when moving cities and its important that your city of choice suits your needs.

Newcastle has a lot going for it, being the heart of the North East, the city centre is only a short distance away from the coast whilst still having a bustling city life. Newcastle and its surrounding areas are very well connected, with a Metro system that allows you to easily get around places. In addition to the metro service, the other transport links in Newcastle are excellent, with road, rail, air and sea links all available.

Another benefit of Newcastle is the beautiful scenery and culture it has to offer, together with the fact that there are always plenty of things to do in the city and the surrounding areas. As mentioned before, the coast is only a short distance away with Tynemouth and Whitley Bay being lovely local coastal areas. There are also many museums, venues and historical monuments to visit such as Hadrien’s Wall and the Angel of the North.

The affordability of living in Newcastle is another big selling point of the city. The North East in general is cheaper than the majority of other regions in the UK and by comparison, Newcastle is a more affordable city to live in when compared to other major cities.

Is Newcastle safe?

Newcastle is generally regarded as a very safe city. According to the Unbroken Britain survey, Newcastle is ranked as the 6th safest city in the UK. The North East is typically regarded as a friendly area and Newcastle symbolises this as its ranked as the 3rd friendliest city in the UK.

Of course, you should always remain vigilant wherever you are, however there should be no additional safety concerns for moving to Newcastle as it is generally regarded as being one of the safer cities to live in within the UK.

Average property rental cost in Newcastle

According to the latest averages from the average rent prices for rental properties in Newcastle are as follows:

  • One bedroom properties – £569 per calendar month
  • Two bedroom properties – £798 per calendar month
  • Three bedroom properties – £1051 per calendar month
  • Four bedroom properties – £1,334 per calendar month

The price of your rental will of course depend on the area of Newcastle you are looking to move to and the size of the property.

Expected property prices in Newcastle for homebuyers

The property price for purchasing will depend on the type of property you are looking at and the area. However, the average price of properties for sale in Newcastle are as follows:

  • A flat has an average price of £144,603
  • A terraced house has an average price of £171,460
  • A semi-detached house has an average price of £184,369
  • A detached house has an average price of £359,042

These prices are according to the latest reports from Home.

Is Newcastle an expensive city to live in?

Tyne and Wear Metro

The cost of living in Newcastle is relative to your own personal situation and lifestyle. Generally however, Newcastle is not considered an expensive city to live in when compared to other major UK cities.

According to Numbeo, the estimated costs of a single person living in Newcastle is around £604 (excluding rent). The average cost of living for a family of four is estimated to be around £2,116 (excluding rent).

Cost of living comparison: Newcastle vs major UK cities

When compared to other major cities in the UK, Newcastle tends to have a lower cost of living. Let’s take a look at some more specific comparisons – using Expatistan for our data.

  • The cost of living in Newcastle is 7% cheaper than Leeds
  • The cost of living in Newcastle is 9% cheaper than Manchester
  • The cost of living in Newcastle is 13% cheaper than Birmingham
  • The cost of living in Newcastle is 37% cheaper than London
  • The cost of living in Newcastle is 7% cheaper than Edinburgh
  • The cost of living in Newcastle is 6% cheaper than York
  • The cost of living in Newcastle is 7% more expensive than Liverpool
  • The cost of living in Newcastle is 4% cheaper than Glasgow
  • The cost of living in Newcastle is 11% cheaper than Bristol

Some of the best Areas to live in Newcastle

When deciding to move to Newcastle, you need to consider which area is going to suit your needs the best. Here is a list of some of the potential options which are popular areas to live in.

  • Gosforth – This is a popular area just slightly out the centre of the city, with easy access to two Metro stations, South Gosforth and Regent Centre. Gosforth is popular with families as there are many large Victorian homes and Ofsted rated schools nearby. The popularity of Gosforth is reflected in its rental prices, as its one of the more expensive areas to live in Newcastle.
  • Jesmond – Known for being popular amongst both students and locals, Jesmond is one of the most recognisable areas in Newcastle. With many large, terraced houses with four or more bedrooms available, Jesmond is sought after by people looking to move into a family home. There is also the lively Osborne Road located in the centre of the area that is filled with restaurants and bars, which also makes the area popular with students and young professionals.
  • Sandyford – Located more centrally, Sandyford is within walking distance of the city centre. This makes it a popular choice for both students and professionals that work in the city centre. Sandyford generally has a lower cost of living compared to Jesmond, so it is popular amongst those looking for more affordable housing
  • Heaton – Similarly to Jesmond and Sandyford, Heaton is popular with both families and students. With Ofsted rated schools nearby and large houses available, it is an ideal area for families. There are also many restaurants and close access to Jesmond and the city centre, making it popular with students and young professionals.
  • Quayside – The Quayside is one of the most iconic areas in Newcastle and is located right in the city centre. Living on the quayside gives you close access to everything, making it a popular choice. There is a mixture of new builds as well as converted apartments, so there are property types to suit everyone.

Choosing to live in Newcastle as a student

Seminar room in Newcastle University

Newcastle is a popular choice of city for many students, both UK based and internationals. With both Newcastle University and Northumbria University being based in the city centre, the city has turned into a hub for students.

In addition to its popular nightlife scene, Newcastle has a lot to offer for students. There are many cultural and historical attractions based in the city, and as the city is so well connected it is easy to visit these attractions.

With almost 50,000 students estimated to be based in Newcastle, it’s safe to say it is a very popular choice for people studying in the UK.

Where are some of the best schools in Newcastle?

As mentioned throughout the guide, there are many Ofsted rated schools located in Newcastle. Here’s an example of some of the top performing primary, secondary and A Level schools in Newcastle.

Primary Schools

  • Our Lady and St Anne’s RC Primary School, NE4 6EB
  • Kingston Park Primary School, NE3 2EL
  • Wingrove Primary School, NE4 9HN
  • Throckley Primary School, NE15 9DY
  • St Charles’ RC Primary School NE3 3HE

Secondary Schools

  • Gosforth Academy, NE3 2JH
  • Sacred Heart Catholic High School, NE4 9YH
  • St Mary’s Catholic School, NE7 7PE
  • St Cuthbert’s High School, NE15 7PX
  • Heaton Manor School, NE7 7DP

A Level Schools

  • Studio West, NE5 2SZ
  • Heaton Manor School, NE7 7DP
  • St Cuthbert’s High School, NE15 7PX
  • Royal Grammar School, NE2 4DX
  • Westfield School, NE3 4HS

You can compare all schools in the Newcastle area by viewing the government’s school comparison table.

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