How to Make a Rented House a Home

A tenant’s guide to putting your own touches to your property

When renting a house, it can often feel daunting and somewhat of a challenge to make it a home. When someone else oversees your walls, floors and sometimes your drawers, it is important to put your own stamp on the property and ensure that it becomes your beloved base.


Make a rental property feel like home

One of the ways to instantly transform a space and give it a cosy and warm feel is through lighting. Lamps and statement lighting are great ways of drawing the focus from the foundations and creating an inviting atmosphere. Whether it’s a movie night for one or you’re hosting a dinner party, the mood lighting puts you back in control of the space.

Soft furnishings 

When coming home after a long day at work, a soft throw on the sofa is immediately inviting and can draw you in for the entire evening. Adding your own security blanket to a sofa, or even just a welcoming door mat can do so much to make it your safe space.


Decorations come in all shapes and sizes, however some of our most important ones come in a frame. Daily reminders of the people closest to us are one of the simplest ways to make you feel at home. When renting, it can often be difficult to put them on display due to fear of damage. Velcro strips and soft hangers are a simple way to transform your walls without taking the paint off. 

Colour scheme

The use of colour in your rental can often appear pre-determined by the colour of your kitchen tiles, or the carpet chosen for you, but does this have to be the case? One of the emerging trends to come from the pandemic days is the use of vinyl to spruce up your style. Vinyl can be applied to all things such as tiled floors, kitchen cupboards and even desk drawers. It is easy to remove and the perfect accessory to help stamp your style on your rental. 

We all understand the challenge you face as a tenant and hope that you find these simple tips useful in helping to turn a house into your home!

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Rental house feel like home