A Guide to Jesmond Dene

An oasis in the heart of Jesmond

Popular for its close proximity to Newcastle city centre, but with a charming rural vibe which touches on the history of the parkland and surrounding area, Jesmond Dene is considered a peaceful place for visitors and locals alike to enjoy. Structured by the step-sided woodland valley, Jesmond Dene is easy to access and boasts endless walks and seasonal attractions which all come together to make it a hub of outdoor activity for the local area.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top walks, attractions, and things to look out for in and around Jesmond Dene.

Out and about in nature

As you might expect, a large proportion of things to do around the Jesmond Dene area are based around getting out and about in nature – with endless walking trails and playgrounds making this a perfect place to bring the whole family.

One of the things we love about Jesmond Dene is the variety of natural surroundings, which include the riverside trails – perfect for cycling, walking, and running – and the internal woodland paths which all connect and take you into new areas of the Dene that you might not have come across before. While out on your walks, be sure to look out for the waterfall next to the Old Mill. A little piece of history which encourages visitors to revel in the natural beauty and learn about how the old mill used to work, this area to the North of the Dene is the perfect site for a few photos and an afternoon spent outside.  

Jesmond Dene

Other sites to look out for inside the grounds of Jesmond Dene include:

  • Pets Corner, with animals including sheep, rabbits, pigs, goats, alpacas, and even peacocks. This is completely free to visit but the site does encourage donations to keep pets corner running.
  • Visitor centre (and the obligatory gift shop, allowing you to take a little piece of Jesmond Dene back home with you).

Seasonal attractions

Whether or not you consider this to be a seasonal attraction or a year round treat is a matter of personal opinion, but on sunny days it is worth looking out for the ice cream van outside Pets Corner. Specialising in all manner of different soft serve whippy ice creams, this is a great treat for the family to enjoy.

Birdwatching is another big reason why so many people love and visit Jesmond Dene, with the ‘Friends of Jesmond Dene’ trust working hard to create and maintain the site as a wildlife friendly and ecologically diverse space for people to enjoy. The park offers guided walks as well as the chance for birdwatchers to go out on their own, ensuring that the wildlife is accessible for all to appreciate.

One of the main attractions that appears in Jesmond Dene every other Saturday (the first and third Saturday of each month) is the famous food market. The food market is erected on Armstrong Bridge and invites a host of different food vans and stalls onto site, with quick service food options and take home goodies available from all sorts of different local suppliers and makers.

Some of the most popular suppliers and foodies that you can find at the food market include:

  • Hexhamshire Organics
  • The Brownie Bar
  • Black Storm Brewery
  • Pink Lane Bakery
  • Love Leaf Tea
  • Geordie Bangers

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or some goods to take home and enjoy in your own time, the food market in Jesmond Dene is one of the best celebrations of local suppliers and food makers in the area.

Looking for a property close to Jesmond Dene?

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