Is January a Good Time to Buy and Sell?

Find out why this month of the year could be a great time to be active in the property market

Whilst many of us wait until our house is looking its brightest and best and the grass is looking its greenest, here are many reasons why January is a good time to buy and sell.

Is January a good time to buy and sell a property?

The January property market is met with re-energised, prospective buyers looking to make their move and provides a great opportunity for a timely sale. With many of us spending a lot of time in our homes over the festive period, potential buyers are filled with motivation as they enter the new year. It is a time where many of us focus on achievement and goals as well as reflection. Buyers are likely to know what they want and be eager to find it.

As a buyer, January often provides an influx of properties that are looking for a fast completion, which means you will be able to enjoy your new home in light evenings and summer weekends in your garden. As a vendor, January often sees a low supply and a high demand, which also equates to a high interest level and therefore a quicker sale. There are more potential buyers browsing with intent earlier on in the year, meaning not only is there more interest but it’s worth your while.

Platforms, such as Rightmove, repeatedly state that their busiest day of the year is Boxing Day. With agents re-opening in January, there is often a surge in inquiries and interest, which often translates to multiple offers, putting vendors in a great position. For buyers, the volume of interest in properties can be seen as a negative, as they will face competition with offers, however as the market begins to pick up in the spring and summer this will only get tougher.

Is January a good time to buy and sell a property?

Whilst we know the visual importance your property listing when selling a home, and it being harder to achieve the desired aesthetic in winter, check out one of our previous blog posts where we share tips to help create a cosy feel to your home whilst viewings commence this winter.

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Is January a good time to buy and sell a property?