Q&A: John Healy, Director and Co-owner of Ashburton Lettings

An interview with John Healy (Director and Co-owner of Ashburton Lettings) following the merger with Pat Robson & Co. in April 2022

Following the merge between Ashburton Lettings and Pat Robson & Co. in April 2022, we interviewed John to find out why he, along with his business partner Jamie Adams, felt that Pat Robson was the right fit for their business and how our working relationship has developed over the past 6 months.

Question: Why was it the right time to merge?
Answer: “Customer service has always been at the centre of everything that we stand for. With compliance rules pretty much changing by the day, it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the high standard of customer service that our landlords and tenants expect. The paperwork just started to take over everything and we wanted to just focus on our key objectives which was looking after our customers and doing it well.”

Question: Why was Pat Robson & Co. the right fit?
Answer: “We have worked with Pat Robson & Co. a lot over the years and we have always had a very strong business relationship with them. They are a local and independent company, the same as Ashburton Lettings, so it just felt like it fit. We felt like Pat Robson shared many of our core beliefs, you know, putting our customers first and always adapting to what different customer’s needs are.”

Question: Can you tell us a little bit about your experience and what your favourite part about running a business is?
Answer: “It has been a really fantastic experience, and it is not something that I would ever reverse. We had a very successful little business. You were responsible for all of the decision making, which was fantastic and great but, at times, that could also be a negative.”

Question: How have you found it working with the team at Pat Robson & Co.?
Answer: “Well, we are 6 months in now and so far it’s been great and it’s lovely to be a part of a big and supportive team, which they are here.”

Question: What does the future look like, for yourself, Jamie Adams and Ashburton Lettings?
Answer: “We are looking forward to continuing the great relationship that we have but up over the years, and increasingly so in the last 6 months. Jamie and I have very quickly become an integral part of the team here, so we are looking forward to moving the business forward and growing it further.”

Thank you to John, for giving us an insight into the merge between Ashburton Lettings and Pat Robson & Co. The company are looking forward to build on this business relationship and to develop it further.

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John Healy