Key Things People Look for When House Hunting

A look at some of the main things people look for when searching for their dream home.

For anyone looking to buy a property, there are certain considerations that will prove to be pivotal when it comes to making the final judgement. For some, compromises can be found, but others are deal breakers, with the most discerning house hunters determined to stick to their principles and accept no substitute.

Evaluating the neighbourhood is always a crucial factor. But don’t assume it’s all about location, location, location, for there’s far more to it than that. Size and storage, kerb appeal and kitchens, these things – and more – must all be added to the mix.

The key things to look for when house hunting? Consider the following:

Location, location, location

Okay, so location does tend to top most lists when it comes to evaluating a property’s suitability (or otherwise). Is the neighbourhood desirable? Does it mean a long commute? Is it going to be noisy? Is it close to the shops? Get the location right and the chances are everything else will fall into place. So it’s a little on the small side; so you’d like another bathroom – discover the perfect spot to relocate and such things will seem less important.

Size matters

If location is most people’s number one consideration, size is never far behind. Everyone craves space and no-one likes to feel cooped up or constrained. But it’s important to remain realistic and much will depend upon your budget. The chances are you can’t have it all, and a difficult decision might need to be made. The smaller house in the better location or the larger home a little further out? The choice is yours so be prepared to prioritise.

Shabby or chic?

General rule of thumb – the better the property’s condition, the more it’s going to cost. Some buyers crave a completed home, whilst others prefer to do the work themselves. Got limited funds? Plump for a doer-upper and you could bag a bargain. It might take time and effort to complete, but those character features can be added, reaping significant rewards for those with a little foresight. Be imaginative and open minded and you’ll have more options.

Kitchen considerations

Stylish and modern kitchen

It might sound like a cliché, but the kitchen is the heart of the home and for many house hunters, this can be the make-or-break room. For those fortunate to find a property with a dream kitchen, the decision is rather simple. But more often than not, renovations are required, and tough calls must be made. Kitchens can be remodelled, but these things tend to be expensive. Figure out how much it might cost and whether there are better options elsewhere.

Consider the kerb appeal

First impressions count, so use intuition and take those initial feelings into consideration. Remember how you felt the first time you saw the property. It might seem like a snap judgement, but you can tell a lot from these first few seconds. Did you get a good feeling? Did all seem in order? Could you imagine yourself living here? You’ll need to have a thorough look around, but the importance of kerb appeal mustn’t be underestimated.

Take a good look around

You don’t get long to look around, so be sure to take everything in when viewing a property. The location might seem desirable and the kerb appeal positive, but think about the little things that will be important on a day-to-day basis. Is it at the bottom of a hill? Is the garden overlooked? Does it have a view? Do teenagers gather on the street corner after dark? Important considerations such as these are often overlooked in all the excitement. Take our advice and think it all through. 

Bedrooms and bathrooms

This ties into the space question, although the specifics involved make it rather more important. You can cope with rooms that are not quite as large as you might like. But if there are not enough of them, you have a problem. Think about how many people will be living in the property, and make sure everyone has somewhere to sleep. But that’s not all, so be sure to consider if there are enough bathrooms to make life comfortable, and whether you require a home office, guest room or other such spaces.

Look into the light

No-one wants a home that is dark and dingy, so don’t overlook the lighting. Most properties look better on sunny days, but consider what it might be like in autumn and winter and work out if it’s going to be bright enough indoors. What are the windows like (in size and number)? Does the property face north or south? Do existing lighting systems meet your needs? Take our word for it – light and bright is always better!

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