What to Expect from Freshers Week 2021 in Newcastle

Freshers Week in Newcastle is always a memorable occasion for those beginning their university life.

Almost definitely one of the most anticipated weeks of the year, Freshers Week in Newcastle is almost upon us once again. After eighteen months or so of disruption for students, Freshers Week this year is likely to be a blowout! Newcastle is considered as one of the best and most popular places in the UK to study in, and each year, tens of thousands of new students arrive in the city to begin their university life.

Naturally, some may be nervous, especially if you have never moved far from home before, whilst others are likely brimming with excitement about getting their first taste of university. Either way, we can hopefully provide you with a little comfort regarding what to expect from Freshers Week in the city of Newcastle this year. 

What is Freshers Week?

Freshers Week event

Freshers Week is essentially the opening week of university and represents a chance for new students and first years to settle into the student life. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your flatmates, course mates, and others which are in the exact same boat as you.

In addition to meeting your new flatmates and course mates, there’s often a range of social events, fairs, and other informational events to attend. However, the main aim of Freshers Week is for you to get to know your surroundings, make new friends, and have a good time. 

We discussed 10 ways to prepare for university life in a previous blog post and one of the recommendations was to try and be as social as possible, even though the thought of meeting loads of new people for the first time might seem daunting to some. Freshers Week is an ideal time to do this as most other people will be in exactly the same situation, looking to meet new friends and unfamiliar with the new city they have moved to.

When is Freshers Week 2021 in Newcastle?

As Newcastle has two universities, Freshers Week in the city is often over the span of a few weeks. This year, although the dates are currently subject to change, Northumbria University Freshers Week will commence on the 18th September and finish on the 26th September. Newcastle University’s Freshers Week is also currently scheduled to take place between the 18th September and the 26th September. 

Of course, whilst you’ll be unable to attend the fairs and other events put on buy the other university, there’s nothing to stop you socialising and enjoying the hustle & bustle of the opposing university’s Freshers Week – giving you even more time to settle into Newcastle. 

Freshers Week at Newcastle University

If you’re starting at Newcastle University this upcoming academic year, your freshers week will take place slightly later than Northumbria. Newcastle often host a variety of events on campus, including the freshers fair as well as the society fair. There are also introductory lectures and other informational talks and events taking place all over campus, which can be beneficial if you are completely new to university life. 

In terms of social events, you’ll be spoilt for choice! There are several bars, pubs and clubs which hold events aimed directly at freshers and these are often a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students.  

Freshers Week at Northumbria University

Northumbria Freshers Week is due to start earlier than Newcastle, with events starting off from the 18th of September. It’s often the case that students move into halls and accommodation over the course of the weekend, and the events held on the university campus often start from the Monday. Similarly to Newcastle, Northumbria offer a range of social and educational events, with the Freshers Fair and societies fair taking place at the Student Union. 

In terms of nightlife, Northumbria students will also be spoilt for choice. Events companies often partner up with societies and other Northumbria related groups and offer students special deals for events during Freshers Week. Also, as previously mentioned, there’s nothing to stop Northumbria students attending some of the social events aimed at Newcastle students, so you may have the advantage of expanding your freshers experience over the course of a few weeks if you are a Northumbria student! 

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