A Student’s Guide to Free Things to do in Newcastle

A look at some interesting things to do in Newcastle which won't cost you a penny!

It can sometimes seem like every fun activity costs money, which can be difficult if you are at university and trying to keep to a strict student budget. Thankfully, there are several places to go and things to do in Newcastle which are free of charge, and we’ve listed a few of our favourites in this blog post. 

Visit Jesmond Dene

Jesmond Dene

Where better to spend a relaxing morning than Jesmond Dene? Well, this is certainly true when the weather is nice! A chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Jesmond Dene is a public park filled with natural beauty that is in the popular student hub of Jesmond. The area is completely free to visit and can offer tranquillity and peace if you need somewhere to clear your mind. 

The Dene spans over two miles and contains large spacious green areas with the river Ouseburn flowing through. You can also visit the animals kept in Pet’s Corner and stop off for a coffee at the accompanying visitor’s office. 

The Biscuit Factory

If you are interested in contemporary art, The Biscuit Factory is the perfect place for you to visit. An art museum dedicated entirely to contemporary art, craft, and design; The Biscuit Factory is one of the most established galleries in the UK. Located in Shieldfield, just on the outskirts of Newcastle City Centre and right next to the popular student area of Sandyford, The Biscuit Factory is an ideal place to visit for students with a keen interest in the arts, or for those looking to experience something a little different. 

Quayside Sunday Market

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday rummage through a market? Head down to the Quayside from 9am on a Sunday and immerse yourself in one of Newcastle’s most flourishing markets. With a range of different vendors and food stalls, there’s plenty to pursue. Of course, you’ll need to spend money if you want anything from the stalls, however, you are free to browse around the market as much as you wish. 

Angel of the North

Angel of the North

Located in Gateshead, the Angel of the North has become symbolic of the north east since being erected in 1998. Standing at 20 metres tall, the Angel is an impressive sculpture and attracts many visitors each day. Free to visit, the Angel of the North is a must-see for anyone in the north east. 

Leazes Park 

As the oldest urban park in Newcastle, Leazes Park is an iconic public space that is still popular today. Located next to St James Park and the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Leazes is in the centre of town and is easily accessible for anyone visiting the city centre. 

Ouseburn Farm

Ouseburn Farm is run by an award-winning charity and has an array of animals to see and spend time with. A fun place to visit for people of all ages, Ouseburn Farm run a host of events and activities all for good causes, which anyone can get involved with. There’s also a café serving a range of dishes and drinks, which is the perfect spot for relaxing after a day spent with the animals.  

Cross Newcastle’s 7 Bridges

Bridges over the river Tyne

Newcastle is famous for its collection of bridges that link the city with Gateshead, just over the other side of the River Tyne. The two most iconic are the Tyne Bridge and the Millennium Bridge, however, there are a further five which are often overlooked. The High Level Bridge is the oldest, having being built in 1849, with the Swing Bridge, King Edward VII Bridge, Queen Elizabeth II Metro Bridge and the Redheugh Bridge making up the other four. Each bridge has its own charm, so if you are interested in architecture and iconic landmarks, it’s worth checking all of them out! 

Visit the Many Museums 

There are several free museums in Newcastle covering a range of historical topics. The Great North Museum: Hancock is one of the most iconic in the area and covers natural history and ancient civilisations. The museum is an absolute must for any history buffs and tickets are free to book. Other popular free museums include The Discovery Museum, which focuses on science and local history, and the Stephenson Steam Railway Museum, which is all about the historical rail systems in the north east. 

Segedunum Roman Fort and Hadrian’s Wall 

Although Segedunum Roman Fort requires you to book a ticket for a small fee, there are parts of the iconic Hadrian’s Wall which you can visit free of charge. Segedunum is the start of the wall which was ordered to be built in AD 122 and is a must-visit for anyone interested in ancient history. Hadrian’s Wall once stretched across 73 miles, and parts of the original wall still stand today. Much excavation has been conducted on the surviving foundations to keep most of the original wall intact, but the fixture is monumental and well worth a visit for those interested in local history. 

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