Comparing City Living with Countryside Living

City vs country living - which is best for you?

Imagine this: you’re washing up after a meal with family, or curled up with your favourite drink and a good book looking out of the window occasionally… what do you see? Are you surrounded by fields and trees, eve-changing with the seasons? Or is your view made up of tall buildings, impressive architecture, and the hustle and bustle of daily life?

City vs countryside living has become a big topic of conversation, particularly over the past couple of years, with the recent lockdowns causing many city dwellers to reconsider their way of life – while rural folk continue to move closer to cities for their vast opportunities and job prospects. But which is better?

In this blog post we look at the defining features of both city and country living and weigh up the pros and cons of both.

City life


Life in the city is busy, fast-paced, and much louder and more vibrant than life in the country. Often preferred by younger people who are keen to meet lots of new people and who work in large corporate offices and desk jobs, city life presents close proximity to both people and amenities and facilities – with some of the main city life pros being around access to people and things all day and all night long.

For many, city life is where opportunity lies – with many a movie and TV serial drama built around the country youth who moves to the big city to pursue a career goal or dream life. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of city life.

Pros of city life

  • Businesses, shops, bars, restaurants, and other amenities are open much later and within more consistent hours. Not to mention the diversity and variety of choices you get in a city environment.
  • Public transport is at its smoothest and best in the city centre, where thousands of people rely on trains and underground networks on a regular basis. You will likely also find that taxis are more reliable in the city.
  • There are always things to do and people to see.
  • City locations hold a higher concentration of jobs, across all industries and skills levels.

Cons of city life

  • City life is expensive.
  • There may be lots of public transport links, but congestion is high, and pollution is even higher.
  • It can be difficult to switch off in a city environment.

Country living

English village

Life in the country is built on a quieter and more peaceful existence, where the sense of community is notoriously higher than that in the city. Not only does country living present rural views, but it also enables homeowners to immerse themselves in a life which is separate from work, especially if they work in a very corporate role.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of country life.

Pros of country life

  • Living in the country is often much cheaper, with money going much further both in terms of buying property and spending in and across local businesses.
  • The high community spirit makes country life feel more welcoming and long-term.
  • The scenery that you get with a country home is awe-inspiring and can enable you to learn about a different way of life.
  • Country houses often come with more outside space, which is one of the main reasons why the countryside became so coveted during the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns.
  • Less pollution, congestion, and noise.

Cons of country life

  • The lack of access to as many businesses, restaurants and other amenities can become boring if you find that you prefer constant and diverse stimulation.
  • A lack of transport links can make commuting a drag, both for those going to work and those going to school.
  • Remote living often means that signal becomes an issue, and that you will need to get used to a slower response to problems and issues with the house. Less people = less servicemen.


At the end of the day, the country vs. city life debate is one which only you can answer for yourself. While some are drawn to the quieter and more peaceful way of life in the country, others need the stimulation and excitement of life in the city – with many drawn to one in their earlier years before settling down to a different way of life as they grow older.

Whichever is best for you, the right estate agent can help you to find your perfect environment, lifestyle, and property. 

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