Q&A With an Apprentice at Pat Robson & Co.

We asked Faith a few questions to summarise the experience of her apprenticeship and what is next in her career

Faith Gilroy joined Pat Robson & Co. in 2021 looking to kickstart her career in the property industry. Faith began at Pat Robson & Co. to study for her Housing Property Management apprenticeship, which she has recently completed and excelled in.

We asked Faith a few questions to summarise the experience of her apprenticeship and what is next in her career.

Q&a With an Apprentice at Pat Robson & Co.

Question: Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Pat Robson & Co. and the apprenticeship you have recently completed?
Answer: Following the completion of my apprenticeship, I have accepted the role of Lettings Administrator at Pat Robson & Co. This is similar to the work I undertook during my apprenticeship and the skills gained during my study will now assist me in this position. The role is very diverse and has allowed me to explore areas and tasks such as; customer service, contract renewals, booking viewings, enquiries, assisting with viewings, application documents, landlord communication and much more. Alongside this, my apprenticeship has involved a range of essays, case studies, meetings and observations. The scope of my role has allowed me to complete a variety of tasks on topics such as customer service, documentation, data protection and more.

Question: Why did you choose to complete an apprenticeship in property?
Answer: When looking into apprenticeships and different industries, I was excited to find how fast paced the property business is and that I would be able to explore a variety of roles within the sector. It was also great to hear about the opportunity to progress within the role and thought it sounded like a great place to start my career.

Question: What areas did you enjoy the most about your apprenticeship?
Answer: I think one thing that I liked the most about my apprenticeship was having the opportunity to put into practice, the things I was learning. It allowed me to solidify my knowledge and understand it fully. It was also a great opportunity to be a part of a team and get to know a variety of aspects of the industry before qualifying.

Question: What does your future look like at Pat Robson & Co.?
Answer: I now feel like I have settled into the role of Lettings Administrator and hope to receive the opportunity to progress within the Sales & Lettings department at Pat Robson & Co. and try a variety of positions.

Question: Would you recommend your apprenticeship to others?
Answer: Definitely! I think it is a great opportunity to learn whilst applying knowledge to real life circumstances and has provided me with a great amount of experience at a young age. I am looking forward to building on the knowledge that I have learnt during my apprenticeship with Pat Robson & Co.

Our Director, Nick Clennell commented on the completion of Faiths apprenticeship,

‘We are all extremely pleased and proud that Faith has successfully completed her programme as we know how hard she has worked to get to this point. The apprenticeship programmes we are involved in are extremely important to us as we strive to give opportunities to people just starting out in their careers in property.
From the beginning, Faith has always had the correct attitude and we know she will continue to develop and progress now she has a solid foundation to build from.
Due to Faith’s success, we have been able to offer her a permanent position within Pat Robson & Co, and following our recent acquisitions of both Ashburton Lettings and Charles Lamb Residential Lettings in 2022, Faith will play an intrinsic role as we continue to grow the company!’

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Q&a With an Apprentice at Pat Robson & Co.