A Level Results Day 2021

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about A Level Results Day and what it means next for those getting their results.

With A-level results imminent, the city of Newcastle will soon be gearing up to welcome thousands of new students across both Northumbria and Newcastle University. This great city is a very popular choice each year amongst prospective university students and is considered by many to be a great place to study.

Congratulations to all those who get the results they were hoping for, but don’t worry too much things don’t turn out quite as you wanted. There are an array of options to be considered. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions related to A-level results day. 

When do the results come out?

The key date for 2021 A-level results is the 10th August. So be sure you have this date noted down as you’ll want to get started on the next step as soon as you know your results.

When can I pick up my results?

Results tend to get into UCAS around 8am on the morning of the 10th August, and your school or college should allow you to collect your results any time after that. Of course, expect the queues to be busy – as this is an important day for a lot of people! 

UCAS will also update the Track system, which will inform you of your university offers. However, as you can imagine, there will likely be a lot of students trying to access Track at the same time, so you may need to be patient.  

What happens if I’m on holiday?

If you are on holiday at the time your results are released, ensure that you are contactable, and nominate a parent or guardian to be able to access Track if you need to make any changes.

This is especially important if you’ve received any conditional offers or may need to go through Clearing for your place at university, as places can be taken up quickly. 

When do the universities get my results?

Universities can’t view your results until they have been widely released to candidates on the 10th August. Universities will be able to access the results from the following day as soon as midnight is passed. 

What happens if I meet my offer?

If you meet your offer, congratulations! If you meet the terms of the offer you received from your firm university choice, your offer will be changed on Track to unconditional, and you’ll receive details on what to do next. Some universities may want you to upload or confirm your grades. 

What happens if I don’t get the grades I need?

University clearing

If this happens, you’ve got to remember it’s not the end of the world, and there are several options available to you. If you’ve missed your grades by a few marks, you should speak to the university directly and see whether they can make an exception. Universities such as Northumbria may also offer you a place on the condition you complete a foundation year before enrolling on the original course. This year, universities are expected to hold places until appeals have been heard – so if this is something you are considering, you may still be able to attend your firm choice. 

Alternatively, you can accept the results you’ve received and look to go through ‘Clearing‘, which can provide you with other universities, courses, and options that you have made the grades for and which you can enrol onto for the new academic year. 

Can I get exams re-marked?

As this year has been a bit different and exams did not take place, Ofqual has announced that schools and colleges can appeal on behalf of students if they feel you have been marked unfairly. 

Alternatively, if you feel you can achieve better grades through sitting the exams, you can apply to sit resit exams in autumn 2021, however, this will involve delaying your entry into university for a year until you receive your new results. 

Can I defer my university place?

This is a possibility for anyone wanting to take a gap year to travel, work or that just want a break from education. The earlier you tell your university that you want to defer, the better. Most universities will usually accept the decision of students to defer, however, if they don’t, you can withdraw your application and just apply again the following year. 

What if I get better grades than expected?

If you manage to beat expectations, you are still able to attend your firm choice no problem! However, you can also explore the option of enrolling on alternative courses through the UCAS adjustment service. This service is available for a week following on from results day, so you have up until the 18th of August to use the adjustment service. This will enable you to explore other potential academic options, whilst you still have your unconditional firm offer to fall back on. 

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