15 of the Most Unique Homes in the UK

From underground homes to sharks sticking out of the roof, take a look at these extremely wild properties!

These homes stand out from the crowd with their unique architecture and somewhat bizarre features. Nevertheless, we love them! Take a look at all 15 properties below:

1. Hind House

Hind House
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Above: The incredible property pictured above called the Hind House sits on the banks of the river Loddon near the village of Wargrave in the UK. As you can see in the picture when the river banks flood there’s no problem, thanks to structural supports the house is held high above the flood plain. Designed by John Pardey Architects

2. El Ray

El Ray
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Above: Designed by architect Simon Conder, El Ray is a modern home designed to both blend into its sandy surroundings and weather their storms. Based in Dungeness Beach in Kent.

3. Water Tower Home

Water Tower Home<
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Above: The House in the Clouds in Thorpeness, Suffolk, is a famous landmark in the area. Built by Braithwaite Engineering Company of London in 1923, it was constructed with the purpose of supplying water to the village of Thorpeness.

4. House at Pipers End

House at Pipers End
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Above: This luminous modern home was designed by Niall McLaughlin Architects and is located in Hertfordshire. A glass wall allows for a great quantity of natural light to permeate through the spaces and for a spectacular view of the countryside.

5. Doris’ place

Doris' place
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Above: This small Greek style house, the Doris’ Place, designed by Peter Barber Architects is a modern design that packs a lot of punch into a slim 4.5m site in Hackney. The innovative mixed-use building maximizes on every bit of space in this dense city centre.

6. Gary Neville’s House

Gary Neville's House
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Above: Designed by Make Architects for former Manchester United FC captain Gary Neville, this remarkable underground eco house in the hills of north Bolton aims to deliver the highest environmental efficiency by realising sustainable thinking through design and construction.

7. The Hermit’s Castle

The Hermit's Castle
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Above: This tiny concrete castle, said to be Europe’s smallest was built by architect David Scott in the 1950s. Inside is one small room with a single concrete bed and fireplace, now occasionally used as a bothy by walkers. Based in Achmelvich, Scotland.

8. That Roundhouse

That Roundhouse
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Above: This eco friendly home in Pembrokeshire, Wales is about as green as they come. The home was built by Tony Wrench and is made of wood, a straw insulated turf roof and recycled materials. Also the house is powered by solar panels and a wind turbine.

9. The Thin House

The Thin House<
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Above: An impossibly narrow 6ft studio flat in the exclusive London district of South Kensington which was put up for sale in 2016. The South Kensington flat has a drawing room, kitchen, bathroom and the bedroom which is on a mezzanine.

10. The Bottle House

The Bottle House
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Above: Known today as Bottle Lodge, this tiny house in the picturesque village of Tixall was probably built as a folly associated with Tixall Hall and dates back to around 1807. Local historians believe that it was later used as a toll house.

11. Centre Parcs Treehouses

Centre Parcs Treehouses
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Above: Center Parcs newest-style accommodation was first introduced at the Sherwood Forest site with a view to attracting guests looking for a little luxury in a holiday park. These luxury tree houses have four double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms as well as various reception rooms.

12. House for Essex

House of Essex<
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Above: The eclectic House for Essex is a fairytale-inspired holiday home designed by architecture studio FAT and artist Grayson Perry. The house is covered with funky tiling and filled with surreal furniture and artwork inspired by the fictional character Julie Cope.

13. The Lime Works

The Lime Works
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Above: Described by estate agents Savills as an “impressive and highly individual conversion of two water towers into a spacious and contemporary home”, the 1930s building was a functioning water-softening plant until 1942. Based in Faversham, Kent.

14. The Dunmore Pineapple

The Dunmore Pineapple
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Above: The Dunmore Pineapple, a folly ranked “as the most bizarre building in Scotland”, stands in Dunmore Park, near Airth in Stirlingshire, Scotland. The story goes that 4th Earl of Dunmore was so impressed by the pineapple that in 1777 he had his traditional summerhouse extended with a giant pineapple as the main feature.

15. The Headington Shark

The Headington Shark
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Above: The Headington Shark (proper name Untitled 1986) is a rooftop sculpture at 2 New High Street, Headington, Oxford, England, depicting an oversized shark embedded head-first in the roof of a house.

Source: SaxtonInteriors

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